Managing Performance in Challenging Times

7 Effective Performance Coaching And Mentoring Tips

Employee coaching and mentoring is a necessary part of management practices meant to develop the performance of the workforce. Below are some performance coaching tips from Executive Life Coach Dublin that you can use to train and mentor your employees.

1. Delegate

It aims at helping the staff learn how to articulate the results that their employer wants to see. It also focuses on aiding them to understand the importance of delegating tasks and how to accomplish their assigned duties; how they can set parameters that will help them determine which support structures and resources they need.

2. Give Performance Feedback

It pushes for the need to be observant, exercising good communication and being direct and explicit on actions that grow the employees’ performance levels while having the capacity to analyse the positive and negative outcomes of their efforts.

3. Motivate The Employee

The objective is to give recognition to the employees’ performance efforts and appreciate a job well done for challenging assignments that the staff does to completion with or without guidance.

4. Mentor Employee Growth

As part of the motivational efforts, mentoring the growth of your employees to help them perform better will need you to use both verbal and actionable guidance such as passing on words of wisdom. It also will require you to show them the value of passing on or sharing their ideas on how to solve problems and making improvements where necessary.

5. Goal-Oriented Training

The idea of this is to help the employees learn how to collaboratively set goals based on action plans that define the steps to take to achieve their objectives. Part of this will also include the need to set meaningful (measurable) and attainable goals.  Reward exceptional performance whether it is with tickets to the theatre or a football match or something from Local Irish Art who showcase the best Irish Art.

6. Assess The Performance

Employee performance levels must be evaluated at least every year, but it is best not to make it an annual review practice. The best approach is to combine a group and individualised approach to the performance assessment. In this, you will have one-on-one sessions with each staff member and then hold a collective meeting guided by the findings of the personalised sessions.

7. Support Career Development

You will have to set plans that define the avenues and resources employees will need and use to prepare for training and to work on assigned task; the objective of this being to develop their career skills and capacities. It also is meant to reinforce good performance through the growth of positive outlook of work and positive behaviour when at work

The above tips should be implemented in a systematic approach, one that aims and delivering performance coaching and training that result in having a workforce that works under limited supervision or guidance.

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The Art of the Irish Coffee

Welcome to the Irish Coffee Blog.  Some people like to talk about things like the Art of War, whereas we prefer to take things a little easier, after all, as we all know life is short.

What we’re more interested in the art of coffee, and once we have that mastered, then maybe we can get brave and a little adventurous, and start talking about the art of Irish Coffee, where we add a powerful ingredient, that being whiskey.

It won’t suit all tastes, but let’s face it – Irish Coffee is one of the most well-known coffee drinks, and cocktail inventions in the world, so it deserves to be explored.  Stay tuned as we explore all things coffee and whiskey.